ECOVA is the perfect solution for food and beverage clients seeking competitive packaging that adds value to a product while simultaneously reducing the overall environmental impact.

Glass is the healthiest, most natural, and most valuable packaging, rated by products and consumers alike.

  • Healthy, because only glass guarantees that absolutely no foreign substances can penetrate the contents - whether from the packaging itself or via the packaging.
  • Natural, because the earth offers an unending natural supply of the raw materials required, and because used glass can simply be recycled to make new glass packaging – with no further additions.
  • Valuable, because it preserves product quality and heightens product added value by positive sensory stimulation:
    • sound
    • aroma
    • appearance
    • texture
    • and the range of shapes and extras available.

In line with our duty to our fellow humans and the world in which we live, we are constantly working to improve our products. This self-image, based upon the three fundamental principles of economic, environmental, and social sustainability, is an essential element of our corporate policy.

ECOVAglass packaging is top of the range. It represents an innovative new series of environmentally friendly glass containers. By optimising weight and shape, we have managed yet again to reduce the environmental impact. At the same time we have adhered strictly and absolutely to the specific technical and aesthetic characteristics associated with glass packaging.

Our ECOVA product range is the result of our investment in innovative sustainable solutions, maximising the attractiveness of our clients' products while minimising their impact on the environment.

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All four plants are subject to an integrated management system featuring not only quality management, but also the certification of environmental and occupational initiatives. Even our food containers comply with the hygiene standards laid down in the HACCP concept.

We hold the following certificates:

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