Group* AG*





Sales revenue € in mill. 522.8 504.2 388.9 378.3
Annual result / annual net profit € in mill. 38.0 25.0 0.0 0.0
Cashflow € in mill. 108.2 98.6 x** x**
Capital expenditure on tangible assets € in mill. 34.5 48.7 24.2 35.7
Equity quota


9.1 12.5 12.9 13.6
Dividends (per individual share) x x 17.06*** 17.06***
Share price highest / lowest x x 600.00 560.00
x x 550.00 550.00
Workforce (incl. apprentices on balance-sheet date)   3,066 3,057 1,460 1,413

* The values assigned to profit and loss line items and balance sheet line items differ between the group and the AG owing the different accounting regulations applied (Group's consolidated financial statement according to IFRS, AG financial statement according to the German Commercial Code)

** Since 2005 group cash flow only calculated according to IFRS

*** Guaranteed dividend for minority shareholders


Management Board

Hugues Denissel      Eastern Europe, Purchasing

Joachim Böttiger      Human Resources, Personnel Development, 
(CHRO)                  Social Services Data, Communication, Legal

Karsten Fuchs          Sales, Marketing

Sebastian Kopsch    Finance, Controlling, IT

Roland Unfried         Production, Environment, Safety, Quality


Supervisory Board

Michel Giannuzzi      Chairman and CEO Verallia SA

Dieter Müller              Employee Representative Director Corporate Services 
(Deputy)                   Verallia SA 

Denis Michel              Secretary General Human Resources, EHS, Sustainable Development
                                  Verallia Packaging SAS

Wendy Kool-Foulon     Legal Director Verallia SA 

Dr. Anne-Marie Peter   Lawyer and Partner Schulte Riesenkampff Rechtanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Michael Schneider        Chairman of the Works Council Verallia Deutschland AG, Bad Wurzach