Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre

Unique, creative, efficient

The Saint-Gobain Oberland innovation centre in Bad Wurzach is the only one of its kind in Germany. The concept focuses on close dialogue between all those involved in a specific innovation project. Customers, designers, marketing experts, design engineers and technicians get together to produce solutions that are as appealing as they are practical. From the outset, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. That saves time and money. Nevertheless there’s more to the innovation centre than the collaboration of partners working on a specific project.

Flexible Brainstorming mit CAD und e-Drawing

Project meetings and creative workshops alike have access to a high performance CAD system, thus allowing initial ideas to be recorded in the form of sketches and models. Three dimensional e-drawings are one of the output options. Image-processing software is used during the next stage to combine the virtual glass packaging design with all the extras selected.

What was formerly just a concept can now be realistically presented. This initial check allows prompt intervention should aspects of the design still require correction.

Projects implemented using this integrated mode of presentation is extremely efficient - from the primary concept through to product sales. The benefits of such cooperation can be seen in the results: many of the glass packaging designs realised by us have received design and innovation prizes.