ECOVA … naturally valuable: Verallia makes the best even better – optimised packaging solutions made of glass


Glass stands for high quality, health and nature. Based on these values, Verallia Deutschland launches its new product line. ECOVA is the ideal solution for all bottlers who are looking for a packaging solution that adds great value to their product and at the same time reduces its environmental footprint. 

ECOVA combines the concepts of ecology  and value, which are also reflected in the benefits of the packaging material glass.  Glass is good for your health because no contaminants from the packaging are absorbed by its content; it is natural because the raw materials used to produce it are virtually inexhaustible in nature and because it is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality; it arouses the senses with its sound and surface, and its many different shapes and designs.

With the ECOVA series we have managed to further reduce our environmental impact by retaining the specific technical and aesthetic properties of the glass packaging and further optimising its weight and shape.



The new ECOVA series is just one example of Verallia Deutschland’s policy of sustainability. It is the result of ongoing investment in innovative and sustainable solutions that  maximise the attractiveness of our customers’ products  while minimising their ecological impact at the same time.