Stefan Jaenecke elected new president of the European Container Glass Federation

Stefan Jaenecke

Stefan Jaenecke, CEO of Verallia Northern Europe, one of the biggest manufacturers of glass packaging in Europe, was elected new president of the FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation. 

Stefan Jaenecke succeeds Niall Wall, CEO of the Ardagh Group, who was head of the federation in the previous two years. José Lorente of O-I Europe was elected vice president.

“Under the responsibility of outgoing president Niall Wall of the Ardagh Group, the FEVE saw the continued expansion of its range of activities“, says Stefan Jaenecke. “I want to continue in this direction and build on this success, in order to promote glass packaging as a sustainable industry that protects our natural resources.” 

The EU is the world’s largest producer of glass packaging. The glass packaging industry in Europe has 40,000 employees in 160 plants. The members of FEVE come from 23 European member states, with more than 60 producers belonging to around 20 independent companies. In Europe, glass packaging is one of the most recycled products. In 2011 the average recycling rate of glass packaging across the EU27 states (including Norway, Switzerland and Turkey) was 68%. For more information, please visit 

Under his presidency Stefan Jaenecke endeavours to ensure that the FEVE continues to represent the industry on a European level and strengthen its collaboration with national associations, not least by providing continuous support for the initiatives of the thriving consumer forum Friends of Glass. “We must continue to advocate and promote the main advantages that are unique to glass packaging. I want to make sure that we continue with our integrated approach and develop it to communicate our message.” 

About Stefan Jaenecke

Stefan Jaenecke has been CEO of Verallia Norther Europe since the beginning of 2011. In April 2009 he was appointed chairman of Saint-Gobain Oberland AG in Bad Wurzach. Stefan Jaenecke holds a degree in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann). After having serving many years in the German armed forces, he held various positions in the paper and tool industry. Before assuming his new responsibility on a European level Stefan Jaenecke was vice president of BV Glas, the Federal Association of the German Glass Industry . 

About FEVE

FEVE is the  federation of European manufacturers of container glass and machine-made glass tableware. The members of FEVE produce more than 20 million tons of glass per year. The federation has around 60 corporate members belonging to approximately 20 independent companies. Production plants can be found in 23 European countries and include leading global companies and major corporations working for the biggest consumer brands in the world. For more information, please visit

About the glass packaging industry 

The European glass packaging industry supplies a wide range of glass packaging products for foods and beverages, flacons for perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and glass tableware to its European and international customers. With its 160 production plants all over Europe it is a significant contributor to Europe’s real economy, providing direct employment for around 50,000 people while also bringing a great many job opportunities through the supply chain. For more information, please visit

About glass

As packaging, glass containers preserve flavour, protect its content and ensure that a huge range of products for the European and global market are attractively presented. Whether used for beverages, food, cosmetics or perfume, glass packaging plays a critical role in European trade and commerce. Glass is fully and infinitely recyclable in a closed loop system; it is inert and it preserves the natural quality and original taste of the products it contains. Consumers who believe that glass is the best packaging option for their preferred foods and drinks can show their support for glass be joining the Friends of Glass forum at 


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