Red Dot Award for Paulaner Zwickl bottle

The new bottle for Paulaner Zwickl nabs a Red Dot Award. This honours the high design quality and creative achievement for the product. The bottle was designed at the Bad Wurzach Design Centre of Verallia Deutschland.

Participants from 50 countries participated in the renowned competition with over 8,000 projects in 2017, which was a record in its anniversary year. The Red Dot Award: Communication Design has existed for 25 years.

The participants are proud that the Paulaner Zwickl bottle is one of the winners. Both Paulaner and Verallia Deutschland contributed their respective competences so that their creation now fulfils both the requirements of the bottler and the particular production conditions of the container glass manufacturer – and has a captivating design to boot.

As host of the award, Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. stipulates that the recipients of the Red Dot Award should be "exceptional, original, authentic". All of these apply to Paulaner's Zwickl bottle. The product stands out with a number of special features. Thus, for example, the 0.4 litre bottle features a fired-in logo instead of being branded with a label. Oberland M&V issued a special retro style beer crate for this beer bottle.

Zwickl, a naturally cloudy, unfiltered specialty beer, is best consumed chilled from the bottle, as recommended by Paulaner – from a bottle that has a lot to offer.

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