The milk bottle as a trendsetter


The good old milk bottle as a trendsetter with innovative power

At the 3rd International Conference "Filling + packaging of milk + milk drinks" in Kempten, Verallia presents a wide range of solutions.

The problem: How do I package milk and milk drinks in a resource-saving, ecological and hygienic way without recycling problems? At the 3rd International Conference Filling+Packing at the Training, Testing and Specialist Centre for the Dairy Industry in Kempten/Allgäu at the beginning of June, solutions from all different perspectives were discussed for two days in front of an expert audience.

Verallia was able to present a variety of possibilities at its own booth, which all showed: Milk in glass is the solution when it comes to genuine taste, regionality, reusability, health or real recycling.

Environmentally friendly packaging is not just a media topic. The industry faces the challenge of bringing milk and dairy products to the customer in such a way that the various goals such as hygiene, health, resource conservation and all the requirements of the new packaging law are met, as Karin Monke from the Dairy Industry Association, Berlin, explained in her opening speech.

The current legal requirements not only support reusable containers, but also prescribe incentives for recyclable packaging materials. Reusable packaging, high recycling rates and equal recycling of milk and dairy products can currently only be achieved with glass.

What also benefits the glass bottle, in addition to its purely natural, non-fossil material and its taste neutrality, is that it is "easy to use" ... This is not a secondary criterion in a world in which, in view of complex recycling issues, more and more consumers are demanding: "Give me some packaging that I understand", as it was stated in the conference. Milk from the bottle: Nobody needs operating instructions for correct, environmentally friendly handling.

Finally there were many reasons for a "comeback of the returnable glass milk bottle", proclaimed by the initiative "We live sustainably" for 2019, as one of the lectures at the Kempten event said.