Verallia Design Awards - 2020

"charming" - "unconventional" - "radical"  

Corona led to the fact that the Verallia Desigh Award Germany 2020 took place under difficult conditions: The participating teams could only present their ideas online. However, there was no impairment in the quality of the entries: The jury called what the students of the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) presented this year "inspiring". And jury member Christian Triebel, Sales Director Food, made it clear: "You want to run straight to the customer!"

The first positive point: The young people deal with the new conditions - with only a few bumps and bruises - with confidence. The Verallia participants are enthusiastic about the type and manner of the presentations.

Second positive point: What the individual teams of prospective packaging engineers show is professional, practical and customer-oriented. As in previous years, the focus is not on the extravagant idea, but on the marketable product. The advantages of glass: sustainability, reusability, naturalness, waste avoidance - are played out to the full.

Thirdly: "Practical", as the works show, does not mean "conventional" by a long shot. The special thing about this year's works is: On the one hand, one wonders why these obvious packaging solutions haven't been around for a long time; on the other hand, the realization of the project is sometimes a challenge that "will take me a few sleepless nights," as Jürgen Mayer, Head of the Design Center of Verallia Germany, unreservedly admitted.

A total of 6 proposals from different product areas were presented.

In the end, the jury once again had difficulties to highlight any of the proposals. How equal the different creations impacted the jury was shown at the award ceremony: Two designs were awarded as winners:

„Glasgow73“, a glass container for convenience food. A solution for a booming market, which until now mainly evokes the association of mountains of garbage and cheap food. The container is suitable for microwave and oven. Individual ingredients can be separated. The design already conveys a feeling of high-quality food from its appearance.

„Refillie“, a modular reusable glass pool system for the refrigerated counter. In comparison with the other conventional packaging also shown, the difference is amazing: yoghurt, cream cheese or even potato salad are thus put on the table as high-quality food. "Refillie" is designed in two sizes that fit together. A closure system with bars on the sides makes the food "stress-free": Because the container can be easily resealed, you don't have to eat it all at once.


 The 2 german winning groups of the Verallia Design Awards - 2020.


The winners with "Glasgow73": Lucas Mayer, Victor Hahnemann, Kirsten Breuer
und Jonathan Scheck


The winners with "Refillie": Patricia Kiefer, Alexander Kremb und Katharina Poeppel